I find myself sitting on a sheet of snow, under this bare tree, covered with white cotton glistening like diamonds. Snow flakes are slowly dancing in the air……. getting further and further away, by the slight breeze that is chiming throughout the forest. 

The silence around me is so soothing, so relaxing, so close that i could almost talk to it. 

Occasionally i find it breaking, when far away a deer moves searching for food with snow cracking underneath.

 I could hear the loud thumping of my heart, when the cold breeze whistles by me, with sudden waves of cold running across my body.

 It’s too COLD…… but too peaceful to be uncomfortable.

 I could hear the birds humming, trying to scare away the silence, breaking the beauty of quietness around them. Since it’s cold, with most of the animals hibernating, the feeble attempts of the birds failed to crack the shell of silence around the forest.

The night is slowly approaching

I could see the small petals of snow descending from the sky, gracefully landing on the ground. The firewood is cracking, with ambers dancing to the music of water waves from a stream little far away, murmuring faintly. 

The sound of water running is getting faded with every passing second since the stream is slowly freezing.

 Its too quiet now….. since the chirping of the birds has also stopped. The silence around me sounds like death….cold,quiet and intense but not scary at the same instant. 

The atmosphere feels so surreal and soothing, worth getting lost into but I should get going now, since I don’t want to freeze to death.

 But I’ll come back tomorrow, to talk to the WHITE SILENCE, once again!!!

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