Alone in a dark corner…….

With tears pouring down my face.

I was waiting for you…….

To come and wipe them away.
I was scared, depressed and angry.

I was losing everything.

But one thing I didn’t wanted to lose was YOU……..
I waited and waited!!!!!!

I called you again and again!!!!!

Until I couldn’t call you any longer.

Because I was choking up on my tears.

But you never answered.


My tears dried up.

My heart toughened.

The pain faded.

My dreams got ruined.

Marking it the moment……..

When I lost everything.


I hated you for not answering me.

I hated you for abandoning me.

But why is that I can’t hate you anymore!!!!

Why do I miss our lost connection?

So sometimes…….

I wonder!
If I could go back in time……

Back In that dark corner of the room again……

Will I trust you once more?

Will I call your name again?
But the biggest question is,
Will you come this time?


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