Will you talk to me!

If I am a labor, coming home with dust and sweat

If I am a homeless child, with bare flesh and hungry

If I am a leprotic man, slowly decaying away alive

If I am a prostitute, forced to sell my mind and body

If I am a poor man, ashen by the hellish heat of a kiln,

If I am a transgender, not given the choice to choose my sex

If I am a gay person, holding hands with same gender

If I am an acid victim, revenged upon by beastly desires

If I am the ONE, not meeting your set standards of beauty and grace!


Yes, I am dirty!

Yes, I am weak!

Yes, I am diseased!

Yes, I am broken!

Yes, I am sad!

Yes, I am incomplete!

Yes, I am damaged!

BUT…….. Can’t you see???

I am one of YOU

I am a part of YOU…….



Stop making me suffer

For things I have no control on

Stop shaming me for my gender

For my looks, for my status,

For my sexuality, for my race…….

For I carry the same flesh and blood

For I too, am recognized as a HUMAN.


So I ask you this one more time.

Will you talk to me?

Or will you just pass by?

Ignoring my silent pleas,

Shutting my silent screams,

Crashing the gleaming beads,

Of hope that I carry in my glistening eyes.

Would you leave, or would you turn around?

With a smile plastered upon your face

Just to………………. TALK TO ME.





7 thoughts on “WILL YOU TALK TO ME

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  1. this is so beautiful – as a gay person growing up in a small town I can really understand these words. because of that in my profession as a hairstylist I meet people of all shapes, sizes etc the I get to interact with daily & its such a blessing!


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