I shout out to emptiness, “anybody there?”

I sought to know the answer but nobody knew.

I asked why I must live? Why I must continue?

Pain was not a scar that I could easily bear.


Does IT need to be more specific than this?

Do you need more stories? So I tried to tell you,

But guess you were not paying attention, were you?

Did you warn me? Could I have had it worse than this?


It is for me, so please don’t say what you don’t know.

Tell me, I had it rough, I did well, I worked hard,

Tell me I was tired, that I had gone through a lot.

Tell me that I have done well. Please just let me go,


So that I could write my one last goodbye to you

I love you……………..but I am too tired to continue.


This poem is inspired by the suicide letter by Kim Jonghyun, late member of a famous K-pop group SHINee.


The famous k-pop idol led the whole world shocked as he took his own life on dec 18,2017 , followed by his heart-breaking final letter released by his dear friend to public on 19 dec 2017. His letter was an eye opener to number of people who think it is so easy for people facing mental illness to come out of their pain and misery, Who are so ready to blame them for being so weak and vulnerable . He was lonely, depressed and pressured by society and decided to end his misery, bidding farewell to this cruel, lonely world. RIP Kim Jonghyun 😥 ……

A lot of might not know him, but the problems he had, the pains he had…. are very well-known to each of Us.

Let it be an eye opener to us. Let’s make a promise to ourselves to help others around us who are having problems in their lives, who are unable to tame their inner demons and  try to understand instead of blaming them for what they did  and care more about why they did it???

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  1. This is an amazing piece about an amazing young man. Jonghyun was almost like a member of the family to me as his music was in my household every day. Hopefully his passing will allow fans to speak out if they have similar feelings of depression and pain. Nice poem. Thanks for sharing .

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