Passing by

The falling autumn leaves

My heart trembles at the thought

Of the possible fall

In my life

That is soon to come.

The scars that barely healed,

Soon to be ripped

The wild sea of thoughts

Barely tamed,

Soon to brew a storm.

I stop for a moment

And recollect,

The pain of the memories

The burden of the past

And the hazy fog surrounding my presence.

I bend down and pick up,

The crimson leave

Once a lime beauty.

I trace slowly its intricate veins

Telling a story, deaf to my ears.

An eerie silence surrounds my being

Detaching me from the present for a moment

Blurring the vicinities of time

As I enter a liminal state

Where only I exist with this fallen leave.

This place transcends

Any lingual or auditory boundaries

And I hear the leaf speak,

The fallen leaf.

“But I am not fallen”

It says.

“My crimson color isn’t the sign of my fall.”

“I matured,

Painfully slow.

I withstood thousands of storms

But I kept myself anchored

Because it wasn’t the time yet.

I learned from the morning breeze

I felt the hazy breeze on my skin

The soft caressing of sun rays.

The storm never scared me

The heat never burnt me

For I needed them

To change my color

To mature my form

To get ready

To be free….

Yes, I broke free.

But I didn’t fall


I detached myself from a known warmth

To venture a new path.

I don’t know where the future will take me

Unknown is the fact, if someone will crush me

But I am ready…

I have faith that no one can hurt me

For I have find confidence in

Only in myself.”

A strong gust of wind flew by

And the leaf escaped from my gentle hold

Floating like a snow flake

Fading away

Slowly like a dust particle

Journeying on a new path.

I stood up

A new vision filling my mind

As I saw the scarlet tree

In a new light.

I saw hope

I saw rebirth

I saw regeneration

And above all,

I saw the very image

Of letting go.

Letting go

Of the past, of the pain and

Of yourself.


I will not contain myself

With this imagery anymore

That is in front of me.


I will move forward

I will close my eyes and walk

Without a trace of fear

Of the unknown

I will keep walking

Till the tangy aroma of the blossoms

Hits my nostrils.

I will keep walking

I will continue this path,

Till the flowers bloom again

Until the spring comes again…


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