But you left without a goodbye like Us, never mattered Thinking of your adorable smile Takes me back to those happy times, Except that now, I only suffer from pain Rejected, deceived and sorrow is all that I Feel, Loving you to the point where it’s killing me, all I want is You to stay


I am so excited to write about the liebster award. A platform, where bloggers interact and help each other’s blog expand. I found it a great opportunity as a starter. Nominated by: The schriftsteller who is a blogger on wordpress and a dear friend of mine. She writes a great stuff and I absolutely love her... Continue Reading →


    Alone in a dark corner....... With tears pouring down my face. I was waiting for you....... To come and wipe them away. I was scared, depressed and angry. I was losing everything. But one thing I didn’t wanted to lose was YOU........ I waited and waited!!!!!! I called you again and again!!!!! Until... Continue Reading →


Aren't we all afraid....  Of the moment when the shell that we have created around us, will shatter letting loose of all the emotions and feelings that we forced ourselves not to feel....  That we forced ourselves not to think off.....  Every single tear that we held back.... Every smile that we faked..... Every single... Continue Reading →


Try to see the hidden scars of ones around you .... maybe they need you more than you think #new_post 🙂


I find myself sitting on a sheet of snow, under this bare tree, covered with white cotton glistening like diamonds. Snow flakes are slowly dancing in the air....... getting further and further away, by the slight breeze that is chiming throughout the forest.  The silence around me is so soothing, so relaxing, so close that... Continue Reading →


  You want me to hide behind a mask To only follow the steps that you have passed, You want me to be more like you Doesn’t matter what I want to do   Trying to lure me in the abyss of expectations, Want me to suffocate, dragging me towards damnation Saying that I have... Continue Reading →


Life shows you numerous ups and downs as you continue your  journey.  There maybe times when you'll find yourself in an Abbys, surrounded by never-ending darkness feeling that going on is not worth it anymore.... Scared of letting go of the past when it's all that you have left... Afraid of your uncertain future..... At... Continue Reading →

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